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Some tutorials I've made on music theory, composition, arranging, synthesis, stylistic approaches and production techniques.

Daft Punk Synth Tutorial
Alex Ball

Daft Punk Synth Tutorial

This week I thought I'd demo three Daft Punk synth sounds / samples on original hardware. As these are all VCO-based analogue synths that are the best part of 40 years old, you'll probably find that settings vary slightly from one unit to the next. In fact, the settings vary on a daily basis on my own synths, depending upon temperature or how long they've been switched on etc. Here's the settings. Korg MS-20 (Mark I): KYBD CV OUT patched into VOLTAGE CONTROLLED HP FILTER CUTOFF FREQ SIGNAL OUT patched into EXTERNAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR SIGNAL IN. Output from AMP OUT. Signal level 8.8 OSC 1: Sawtooth at 8' OSC 2: Sawtooth at 16' tuned up a 5th HP filter: Cutoff 3, Peak 0, MG 0, EXT 10 LP filter: Cutoff 3.1, Peak 7.8, MG 0, EG2 7.8 EG2: Hold 0 Attack 1 Decay 5.2 Sustain 0.2 Release 4 Roland TB-303: G down A# up G slide F up D# accent + slide C# down + accent C# down + accent + slide C# accent D# up + slide D# down F up + slide G up + accent + slide G# down G down + slide C down + slide G slide Distort with a stomp box or unit of your choice and dial in the cutoff and envelope with resonance all the way up. Tweak decay and accent. I was using the square wave setting. Sequential Circuits Pro~One: This is matching the quite tame sync preset from the Prophet 5, you can get lots of variations of the sync sound, including more aggressive versions. Oscillator A: Octave 1, square, 50% PW, Sync On. Oscillator B: Octave 1, no waves, Normal, KYBD Oscillator A level: 10 Oscillator B level: n/a as we've no waves Noise: 0 Filter: Cutoff 2 Resonance 0 Envelope amount 6 Keyboard Amount 4 Attack 4 Decay 7 Sustain 3 Release 3 Amp: Attack 2 Decay 5 Sustain 10 Release 0 Mod matrix: Filter envelope direct to Oscillator A freq. Amount 10. LFO frequency 6.5, shape triangle LFO wheel to Oscillator B freq. Amount 1.5. Dial up mod wheel. Alternatives to these synths: Korg MS-20: TB-303: Pro~One: There's a Behringer clone coming, but in the meantime there's these emulations. I have Repro-5 / Repro-1 and it's remarkably similar to the real thing.
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