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Nerdy Stuff


A section of the website dedicated to totally indulgent and/or esoteric topics. Recommended for monotonous nerds.

Roland System 100m Page

A page dedicated to one of my favourite synthesizers (and musical instruments) of all time, the Roland System 100m.

Click the imagine to enter the modular rabbit hole...

Roland System 100m 4 Cab

Simmons SDS-3 Page

A page dedicated to one of the rarest pieces of musical history I own, the Simmons SDS-3 Drum Synthesizer from 1978.

Click the imagine to begin your run time...


ARP Avatar Page

A page dedicated to the ambitious, fascinating and short-lived ARP Avatar guitar synthesizer from 1977.

Click the imagine to get hexy...

ARP Avatar

KORG MS-Series

A page dedicated to a family of interesting products from 1978 that live in the shadow of their very famous sibling.

Click the image to get your MG running...

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