Various photos from various projects. I (quite obviously) have a passion for iconic and rare synthesizers and drum machines!

Linn LM-1
The first ever digital drum machine from 1980 that changed the course of music history.
Linn Drum
The follow up to the LM-1, the equally famous LinnDrum.
TR-808 & TB-303
The Roland TR-808 and TB-303. No introduction needed.
The famous Roland TR-909.
Sequential's answer to the LinnDrum; the Drumtraks.
Oberheim Pair
Oberheim Xpander and DX .
Oberheim Xpander
Truly retro!
System 700
The Roland System 700 from 1976. The highest spec and rarest piece of kit I've ever recorded with.
System 100m
The Roland System 100m from 1978.
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The famous Roland TR-909.